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     Parenting can be challenging and frustrating at times, especially when your child is under performing in his/her class, with low grades.

     Your child's aggressive behavior, hassles over homework, poor grades, cutting classes and repeated complaints from school counselors, are the early warning signs, of your child's lack of educational skills.

     In the absence of educational skill, your child develops low self esteem and lacks self confidence.

     We at Education First Home Tutoring Services, Inc., work with each student on an individual basis.

     The tests we conduct identify areas of deficiency in your child's educational skill.

     We customize curriculum to enhance your child's learning ability and skill.

Early warning signs of your child's Under Performance:

Poor or Falling Grades
Behavior Problem
Poor Attitude
Teacher has expressed concern
Lacks self confidence
Does not want to learn
Does not do home work
Fallen behind the class
Cutting classes
Extreme anxiety before tests & exams

     Let Education First Home Tutoring Services, Inc., help your child, improve his/her grades and skill.

     All our programs are customized to meet your child's need and your budget.
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